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Weekend Payday Loan Lenders

Emergencies can happen anytime of the week including the weekend and finding weekend payday loan lenders was tough. In the past it has been difficult to find any loans if you don not apply within business hours, many of the direct lenders have evolved in the UK and now give you offers for various different types of loans which have been created to give you funds quicker and easier subject to approval. The loans include payday loans, instalment loans and weekend payday loans. The weekend payday loans have been created especially to aid people who are struggling with finding a loan themselves and trying to obtain funds outside of normal working hours.

Loan lenders have realised the importance of offering weekend payday loans as not everyone has access to a device during working hours depending on what people do for a living. Weekend payday lenders make services available and if approved, will transfer the funds to your bank account as soon as possible. Weekend payday loans are just like traditional payday loans but offer the service both Saturday and Sundays.

Best Weekend Payday Lenders

There are many things to think about when searching for weekend payday loans. This may entail if the loan lender is a registered with the FCA who regulate this market and if they can give you the funds you need over the weekend if that is when your emergency is. To look for the best weekend payday loan lenders, you then need to pair up two companies and compare loans that are being offered by the various companies. By doing some research or using The Lenders List site you can make a much more informed decision for getting the best weekend payday loan for you. We always recommend doing as much research as possible to get the best deal then making your choice and submitting an application.

The Increase On Weekend Payday Loans

Direct payday loan lenders know that doing an application for instalment and payday loans during the week can be hard and stressful since you might be at work and not so easy to apply. Many people feel more comfortable completing applications from home and being discreet and need a decision the same day so customers would prefer to apply on the weekends making it simpler for them. Weekend payday loans have significantly increased in the last few years and also the industry discovered this and they have started to change in their normal procedures to satisfy the customers needs just as with any other business.

Weekend Payday Loan Lenders No Brokers

Should you do an internet search you’ll come across a lot of organisations online claiming they are weekend payday loan lenders but if you look closely at a website they’re actually brokers with broker forms. Broker websites with broker forms implies you will enter your details just for your information to be passed to other agent websites or even a direct lender and this could lead to receiving spam texts and emails that nobody likes. Some brokers charge a fee for their service, but we at The Lenders List ardently believe nothing must be billed unless you’ve got a totally approved and credited loan. If you’re hunting for loan lenders through The Lenders List we’ve assessed all lenders that they have the correct lending license to market and are registered with the FCA that their permit insures them to lend funds.

Spotting a broker can be tough but here are some tips how you can spot a broker:

  • Check the footer of the site and they should state if they are a broker or lender
  • If a website guarantees a loan with no credit checks if you fill out an application treat this with high caution as genuine direct payday loan lenders will have to conduct credit and affordability checks and are just using these types of words to reel you in
  • Get the FCA number from the website usually located in the footer or about us section and input the FCA number into the FCA register and select permission, here you can see if their license covers them to lend funds or if they only provide a brokerage service

UK Weekend Payday Loan Lenders

The Lenders List just list payday and instalment lenders that are UK registered business and also possess a completely searchable FCA number. Not all lenders provide weekend payday loans however but as the requirement increase you may find more UK weekend payday loan lenders providing you much more choice if you are searching for a weekend loan. If you go right to the lenders website you’ll have the ability to see for certain if the creditor is a weekend payday loan lender plus a few will even finance bank holidays please check all sites right for information about this.