Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Be Responsible

Payday loans can be significant when searching for short term loans so it is important to be responsible, but we also need you to be made aware that issues may arise when they are misused and not borrowed responsibly.

Responsible Borrowing

The reason many people today fall into debt is that they invest into borrowing more than they could afford or getting multiple loans falling into a cycle which may result in you losing control of your financing. Failure to pay back loans on time is going to have a serious effect on your credit rating and can likely lead to you to fight to acquire further credit later on. Please remember that a payday loan may be used for a brief duration rather than for a long-term solution.

If you think that your financial situation is out of control or too much to handle, there’s help available, and you don’t need to feel alone. Talking to relevant agencies is just the start of solving your problems, and you will find qualified individuals and companies available to assist you when combating debt:

STEP CHANGE – www.stepchange.org
DIRECT GOV – https://www.gov.uk/browse/tax/court-claims-debt-bankruptcy


  • Be sure to have a look at all lenders details to determine where you’re able to find the best
  • rates Is your loan actually for an emergency purpose?
  • Constantly be truthful if completing an application as the lenders will realise particulars don’t match
  • Look in the charges for every lender and take if You’re Delighted with those fees and charges
  • Assess the implications of overdue payments and what’s going to occur due to missed payments
  • Regularly check to find out if you’re dealing with a direct payday lender or a broker — the lenders you see on this website are genuine direct payday lenders They’ve been assessed and confirmed
  • Above all just borrow as much as you desire as far as you can afford to repay


  • Don’t take a payday loan when you’ve got no intention of paying it back or cannot manage to pay back it
  • Don’t hide from lenders since it is the way things escalate and charges have been added. Consult with payday lenders since they will Attempt to assist as much as you can
  • Do not take out multiple loans as There’s a higher chance you will Endure financial problem and have difficulty paying back the loan