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Weekend Short Term Loan Lenders

Need cash over the weekend? Find out how you can get funds on a Saturday or Sunday

If you find yourself short of cash, there are services you can turn to, even on the weekend. While it’s easy to apply for emergency financing on the weekend, how quickly lenders process your application and issue the funds will vary from lender to lender.

There are times were you may find that you are short of funds, but there are now services available that can helpful  during your short fall, even on the weekend. It may be simple to apply for an emergency loan on the weekend but the time it takes lenders to put through your application and approve your payment will vary from the different lenders.

What are short term weekend payday loans?

Emergencies can happen at any time not just during office hours. In the past it may have been difficult to get a short term loan outside of office hours, many online loan lenders offer a wide variety of loan options to give you funds when you need it efficiently and easily this includes instalment loans, payday loans and weekend payday loans. Weekend payday loans were created to help those people in financial need in an emergency situation and no longer need to wait till a week day to apply for a loan.

Will I really be able to get a short term loan over the weekend?

Yes, now it is possible. There are loan lenders available that process online loan applications immediately and is automated regardless of the day you apply, but for selected applications, as with any lender who follow the responsible lending procedure may want to take a closer look at your application and may want to talk to about the loan further before approval.

What choices are available if I need a weekend short-term loan?

If you are in need of a crisis weekend loan, the here are some choices available to you:

  • Approved Bank Overdraft
    If you contact your bank you may be able to get an authorised overdraft or an increase on a current overdraft facility that you may already have. Avoid using funds on an unauthorised overdraft as this could incur hefty fees charged by the bank. All overdrafts are dependant on your status and personal circumstances.
  • Online Short-Term Loan Lenders
    Many online short-term loan lenders take applications over their websites and can at times process and accept application outside of office hours through an automated system. Some online lenders operate over the weekend meaning in some cases you can get funds on the same day including Saturday and Sunday’s.
  • High Street Pawn Brokers
    You may be able to get cash for old unwanted items lying around at home. You have the option to sell your items or just give your items in temporarily. They would offer a cash sum for your items but if you want to buy your item back you will most likely have to pay interest on top of what you borrowed within a set time frame. It is optional if you accept the offer for your items and everything should be explained to you. Many high street pawn brokers are open over the weekends and it may not be the cheapest loan but the option is there should you need it.

How does an online weekend short-term loan application work?

If you decide to do an online loan application, some loan lenders can approve and process applications within 15 minutes. If your loan application is successful and you agree to the terms of the loan agreement, the funds will be sent to your designated account and in some cases the same day even if its the weekend dependant on the lenders processes.

Always ensure that you repay your loan on the days stated on your loan agreement.

What do weekend short terms loan have to offer?

Weekend short term loan lenders may look like they offer similar loan features, but there are a few differences to look out for when making a choice of which loan is the best option for you before you apply.

  • Various loan options
    You can use search engines, comparison sites or lender listing sites like us and find direct lenders then apply directly with lenders or the alternative is to go through a broker who will try to pair you with lenders who they feel will give you the best chance of approval but we always recommend applying directly with an authorised lender.
  • Speed of processing applications
    Many online loan lenders process application quickly and once approves the fund are in your account shortly after, but if the assessment of your application is a lengthy process then it could be a while before you get your funds if the application is approved
  • High interest charges and fees
    Always check the fees that all loan lenders are charging and only accept if you are happy to pay those fees and is manageable. The FCA have capped fees and charges but it is always worth checking to see who charges the least amount of interest before applying for a weekend loan. You should also check the charges for each lender if you default on your loan to see what will be added for missed payments

What to look for when looking for best weekend payday lenders?

There are various different things to think about when looking for weekend payday loans. This will involve if the loan lender is an approved company and also on the speed of how quickly they can process and approve your application to give you the funds you need.

To search for the best weekend payday loans, you will need compare the various loans offered by the different lenders and if they fund loans on the weekend. You will also need to check the requirements of each lender and see if you meet the criteria before applying and all the fees and charges involved. If you check all the details, you give yourself the best chance possible of making the right choice for and getting the best weekend payday loan deal for you. We always encourage every applicant to do as much research as possible so you are more informed before making a choice on which lender to apply for a loan for.