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Parents want loan adverts banned from TV and Radio before 9pm

Payday loan adverts should be banned before 9pm

This week, The Guardian reported that three-quarters of parents want TV and radio adverts for payday loan companies to be banned before the 9pm watershed. The parents argued that the adverts expose young children to the high-cost loans which may trivialise debt to kids at an early age. The survey was carried out by charity known as The Children’s Society and the survey polled 1,065 adults and 680 children aged 13-17. One of the concerns raised by parents was how 34% of children that took part thought that the payday loan adverts shown were tempting and exciting.

The Children’s Society have called for more regulation into payday loan advertising in the similar ways advertising standards have put pressure on advertisements for junk food, alcohol and smoking. Several payday lenders online or store advertise on TV and Radio. One of the issues addressed in the study was how lenders are advertising on channels watched by children including music and popular sitcoms. From a lenders point of view, day-time television may be cheaper to advertise on and there has been the traditional idea that if kids are watching TV that one of their parents might be in the same room or in the background and still able to listen and take in the key points of the advertisement.

Payday Lenders criticised for advertising to children

This news piece is not the first episode (excuse the pun) of payday lenders being criticised for targeting children’s television. Wonga.com have been noted in the past for advertising on TV channels popular with children. The payday loan giant used elderly puppets regularly in their marketing campaigns to portray the idea of ‘smart talking money.’ The three puppets named Earl, Betty and Joyce appeared in all Wonga adverts in the UK and were renamed with more local names in their Polish and South African markets.

The marketing campaign attracted criticism with Martin Lewis suggested that the puppets and cartoon characters were too easily grooming children to high-cost short term loans. Wonga.com and all payday lenders alike are not longer allowed to advertise on children-specific TV channels and furthermore, Wonga has removed the puppet characters from their marketing communications as a means of rebranding their company’s image.

Payday loan TV adverts

Payday loan lenders in the UK have been advertising on the box for years. Some lenders adopt the cartoon approach with some combining a combination and others using real people and real situations. Below are some of the TV adverts from some of the payday loan direct lenders that we list on our website – The Lender List.



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