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Information About Fidelity Works and True Blue Loans

At The Lenders List, we are always looking to give our visitors the best information about direct lenders while avoiding brokers. We also like to give information about lenders who we believe are not giving consumers a fair deal.

After working with True Blue Loans for the past year, we have found the funding rate very low meaning that customers that apply for loans through True Blue Loans that come via our site to them are being rejected majority of the time. As a company working as an affiliate, this means that we can measure our success based on the success of a customer’s application.

Why We Have Removed True Blue Loans (Fidelity Works)

The decision to remove them off our site was not taken lightly but done after doing our own internal investigation. True Blue Loans are owned by a company called Fidelity Works, company number 08282024, we have found that they have a multiple number of sites which gives the impression they are different loan companies when in actual fact they are all the same company here is a list of websites that are owned and run by Fidelity Works –

  • Lucid Loans – Lucidloans.Com, Lucidloans.Co.Uk
  • True Blue Loans – Trueblueloans.Co.Uk
  • BFWG Grants – bfwggrants.org.uk
  • Blue Oar Securities – blueoarsecurities.co.uk
  • Pacific Odyssey Loans – pacific-odyssey.co.uk

If you have been rejected by one of these sites then you are more than likely going to be rejected by the other sites they own as they will all be based around the same criteria.

Why Do Fidelity Works Have So Many Sites

This is a very good question, some may deny this, but there is a thing in the loan industry called lead generation. Lead generation is where a customer applies for a loan and when they are rejected they pass your details/applications on to other brokers and lenders with no guarantee of a loan. If you do happen to get approved at some point where they have passed on your details on they will receive some sort of commission.

By having multiple sites, it gives the impression that you are applying with a different company unless you go into the footer you will see it’s the same company. If you apply again through one of their other sites this gives them the opportunity to pass your details on again giving them even more opportunity to earn a commission this is similar to working as a broker.

Why We Think This Is Wrong

If Fidelity Works really wanted to fund loans for customers why do they need 5-6 different websites when it’s all the same company? there should just be one website promoting their services and working hard to help customers. With multiple site’s we believe that they try to profit from passing on leads, when you do an application on any of their sites you will notice you can not proceed with your application unless you tick the box for marketing and we believe this should be optional.

We have done a test application ourselves and we have noticed we get diverted to other sites and get sent spam via email and texts which can be the most annoying thing in the world but as we ticked the box for marketing we expected this.

We just want to provide the best list of lenders possible for our visitors where you will get a fair chance of approval rather than instantly passing on your details to other companies with no intent to lend. Fidelity Works are a direct lender as stated on the FCA register, but this means that they only have to fund 1 or 2 loans in a month to be classed as a lender and the rest can be sent for marketing. We have spoken to other companies that have had Fidelity Works and True Blue Loans listed on their sites who have also claimed they rarely fund any loans.

As a result of our own investigations we will no longer be listing True Blue Loans, Fidelity Works or any other websites they own.


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