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Non Homeowner Guarantor Loan Lenders

  • LendFair Loans

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  • TFS Loans Guarantor

    Up to £15000 with TFS loans a direct lender straight forward loans to suit you.

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  • Glo Guarantor Loans

    Glo Guarantor Loans, offering loans of up to £7000 which could be in your bank within 24 hours.

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  • Buddy Loans

    If you have a buddy willing to be your guarantor then apply for a buddy loan! Borrow £1000 – £7500

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There are a number of direct guarantor loan lenders that may need your guarantor to be a homeowner but over the years this has changed with many lenders. Non homeowner guarantor loans are available with most lenders but what you may find is that your restricted to how much you can apply for so if you need a higher amount you may need your guarantor to be a homeowner.

Homeowner or Non Homeowner Guarantor?

The guarantor for your loan does not always have to be a homeowner but it does help your application if they are as lenders are more willing to accept your application so in some occasions it is better to ask a homeowner who can strengthen your opportunity of getting accepted for a loan.

Getting a non homeowner guarantor loan you must ensure that the guarantor has a good credit history and a good income as they will be responsible for the loan if you can’t pay. The guarantor lenders will do affordability checks in line with FCA regulation to see if a loan is manageable and if they find that you are and your guarantors income is acceptable there will be a chance of approval.

Non Homeowner Guarantor Loans vs Brokers

When searching for a non homeowner guarantor loan lender always ensure you are working with a direct lender and not a broker. Applying through a broker takes up a lot of time as you will probably have to submit your details again to a lender or broker they may refer you too and with a bit of research you could have saved some time applying directly.

It is easy to be misled in to thinking a broker is a direct lender but there are signs to tell if your dealing with a broker. Usually at the bottom of the site or in the about us section it should usually state whether they are a broker or a lender also if there is a fee for applying avoid at all costs as no fees should ever be paid unless you have been fully accepted for a loan. Always do research into every lender or broker site you go onto as brokers will also send you spam texts and emails which can be the biggest headache.

Compare Non Homeowner Guarantors Loan Lenders

At The Lenders List we only list direct non homeowner and home owner guarantor lenders. We have verified that they are legally allowed to trade in the UK and also have been verified that all lenders have an FCA approved license who regulate this market. Always check the dedicated pages on our site to get further details of the lenders and always do further reading when on the lenders site.

To find the right non homeowner guarantor loan always compare each lender to get the best rate never settle for the first lender you see and what you will find is that you will save money in the long run finding a lender with a great APR.