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Start The New Year Right

Although many New Year resolutions don’t last the first few weeks, it may be worth setting some financial ones to put you in good stead for 2016.

Switch And Save For The New Year

Despite many people being unhappy with their bank only a mere 2% of people changed their bank in 2015. Banks, like any other business, want you to walk through their doors and are willing to provide some attractive incentives. Some banks offer directly offer you cash for switching whereas others offer a generous 5% interest on your savings. The banks offering these incentives are not just new small banks but also some big names which have top rated customer service. There is lots of information online which shows you what different banks are offering.

Make The Most of Cashback

You could easily make back hundred each year by using cashback services- you can do this by using cashback offers on credit cards. Be sure to repay the card in full each month to make sure you are not paying interest and cancelling out the cashback you have earned! You could earn up to 5% on some cards as an introductory rate and then as much as 1.25% after that.

Set Up A Power of Attorney

People of all ages are affected by dementia, lose ability due to strokes and have life altering accidents. It is a horrible thought but it can happen and could be made more difficult if you have not taken precautions. Even for something that appears simple such as paying for your care could require them to apply to the Court of Protection in a process that can be both time consuming and costly. To avoid any such difficulties, you can get a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) while you are in good health which allows you to choose a nominee to handle your affairs in case of any incidents.  This acts as just a precaution and will be ineffective until the point it is needed.

Get A Handle On Your iPhone Data Usage

For those with an iPhone, if you upgraded your phone software to iOS9 you would have automatically been switched on to ‘Wi-Fi Assist’ which means at times when your Wi-Fi is weak it is reinforced with mobile data which you could be charged for. To disable this feature, you need to go to your Settings> Mobile Data and turn-off Wi-Fi assist.

Don’t Be Scared To Haggle On Renewals

You may think you automatically get a better rate when renewing contracts for your internet, car breakdown cover or insurance. However, you could be missing out on savings by not haggling with the provider and even suggesting leaving to make sure you get the best possible price.


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