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How To Be A Smart Shopper

Let’s admit it shopping can be stressful at the best of times, but this can be even more stressful when you get to the tills and find out how much the total cost has come too. Find out how smart shoppers keep ahead of supermarkets and retail giants. Our savvy tips will help you save £s at the tills.

Tips And Trick To Shopping Smart

  • Unbranded items are a great way to save money when it comes to shopping, we all have our favourite brands but you can save a hefty amount by opting for non-branded items. Did you know that some branded and non-branded paracetamols contain the same ingredients, these products can have a prices difference of around £3.
  • The weekly family shop challenge – A great way to save money is to try one weekly shop for the month at either Aldi or Lidl who’s prices are often a lot cheaper than its bigger rivals. These supermarkets often has it’s products in basic packaging but may be produced in the same factories as so called luxury items.
  • Bulk buying with supermarket deals, up selling is a term often used in the retail industry. The aim of the game is to get you to spend more money with bogof (buy one get one free) offers you can often get carried away with unnecessary extra products. This can be used in your favour, why not try shopping with a friend or family so u can split the cost of the bogof offer. Another great way to save money is to bulk purchase long lasting items such as cleaning products when they come on offer.
  • Another Retail Trick – Did you know that supermarkets will often place higher costing items at eye level increasing the chances of customer to buy those items. Try looking on lower shelves where you may find a bargain. Have a look on the reduce sections of supermarkets where you can pick up great deals, for those items close to expiry consider freezing items and save £s on your weekly shop.
  • A personal hate of shopping is the fact that supermarkets will move items around from aisle to aisle making it harder for you to find the items you want quickly, chances are you will walk through the whole store looking for your items the reasoning behind this is supermarkets want you to pick up unnecessary items.
  • Nectar Points, Tesco Clubcard Points – If you shop at specific supermarket don’t forget your clubcard or nectar card these points can be converted into vouchers and coupons and can be a great way to re-coupe some cash back.

Bottom Line is Supermarkets are here to make money, be smart when it comes to shopping in store. The few above tips will certainly help you in saving money but if you have any other great tips get in touch and share them with us.


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