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Save Money Shopping On Amazon

8 Amazon Hacks For Discounts And Freebies

As the world’s largest online retailer, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t bought or at least searched for something from Amazon.com. The site quite literally has everything you could ever want and at very competitive prices. That being said, there are several ways you can save money shopping on Amazon.

1. Get Free Delivery

Currently, Amazon offers free delivery if you spend a minimum of £20. However, this only applies to items bought from Amazon. If the item you are buying says “sold by…”, then you are buying from the Amazon marketplace and are not eligible for free delivery. Additionally, if you are just under the £20 threshold, you can use the super saver delivery tool to find smaller items to take you just over the £20 limit. For example, if you have purchased a DVD set for £18.50, you may be charged £6 for delivery. Instead, you could find a cheaper item like hand soap for £1.50 and save £4.50.

2. Subscribe To Price Alerts

Amazon prices tend to fluctuate, especially as several different vendors can sell the same items. When the prices go down, items will generally sell out quickly though and you may miss out. Instead, you can sign up for price alerts using the site CamelCamelCamel. For instance, if your favorite fragrance retails at £28 but can sometimes be found on Amazon for £20, you can receive an email alerting you to the price drop and purchase before the stock runs out.

3. Cross Check Electrical Item Prices On Amazon EU

Since the pound is so strong at the moment, sometimes you can save money by purchasing electrical items from Amazon’s European sites. You can use the website Curiua to search for products. Users have reported saving several hundred pounds by simply purchasing from the European sites.

4. Check Out Amazon’s Outlet Deals

Amazon’s outlet page has tons of bargains, closeouts, and clearance items. You can find clothing, baby items, kitchen tools, and even furniture saving 25%-75% off the original price.

5. Check The Warehouse Deals

Amazon’s warehouse page offers heavily discounted items that have been returned, overstocked, damaged, or refurbished.

6. Clip Amazon Vouchers

Have a look at Amazon’s voucher/coupon page. You can usually find vouchers for beauty, health, personal care, and baby care. New vouchers are added regularly and can be easily added to any order.

7. Sign Up For Amazon Student

By signing up for Amazon Student, you can receive Amazon Prime shipping FREE for six months. The student subscription also gives you access to free two day shipping on most items, exclusive promotions for students, and free release date delivery for DVDs, books and video games. Additionally, members that have a National Union of Students Extra card receive 5% off certain products.

8. Access Free Apps And Games

Amazon has created an application for Android users called Amazon Underground. The app offers over 2000 mobile apps and games completely free, including free in-app “purchases.”


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