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Loans like Wage Day Advance

Our Summary page includes our network of Payday Loan lenders for your requirements, all applications are carried out with the payday loan companies directly, we act as an online directory for Direct Loan Lenders.

We compare over 30+ Direct New and Old Payday Lenders in the UK – The featured list of lenders below have all been reviewed to ensure they have a valid consumer credit license and follow the responsible lending guideline by the FCA.

Wage Day Advance is a short term loan provider where customers can borrow up to a maximum of £350 for first time borrowers, below we have listed similar loan providers to Wage Day Advance that you may want to have a compare with.


General Requirements

The General Requirements for the Direct Payday Lender; You must be 18 years old, UK resident, have a UK bank account and have a regular income, more information can be found on the individual reviews for each lender.

Understanding APR

An APR is an abbreviated term for Annual Percentage Rate,  and technically is defined as a numeric representation of your interest rate in other words APR gives you an indication on how much money will need to be paid back in interest on top of your initial loan and generally the lower the APR the less that will need to be paid over a specified period. The APR is usually based on monthly interest. – More About APR