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Loans Like Peachy


Borrowers who are turned down by traditional lenders such as banks often look into alternative finance loans. Many people tend to hit the search engines and look for TV advertised companies such as Peachy when they are looking for a short term loan lender. These alternative lenders that can be found online usually offer loan terms of up to 30 days and require you to undergo a credit and affordability check. These loans are designed for short-term solutions to cover you until your next payday and not designed as a long-term financial solution. Trying to find the right direct loan lender can be tough as there are an abundance of brokers online; The Lenders List avoid working with these companies as they typically charge a fee for their service. Most lenders will conduct affordability checks to protect you and can sometimes an instant loan decision for whether you have been approved or not and you can have the funds the very same day but always remember that only borrow what you can afford to pay back to avoid spiralling borrowing.

Loan Companies Like Peachy


If you have come across this web page through a search engine, it is likely that you were looking for companies with a similar offering to short term lender, Peachy Loans. This could be due to having bad experiences with them directly or having a rejected application to Peachy Loans themselves if you failed to meet certain criteria. At The Lenders List, we list and compare direct payday loan lenders in the UK including but not exclusive to Peachy Loans so browse the numerous lenders individual pages to check and compare the requirements you must meet to submit an application.

Peachy Loans are considered to be one of the UK’s biggest short-term lenders, however, there are so many lenders in the market that it is definitely worthwhile to look around and compare all of your possible options.  Each month at The Lenders List, we are always on the look out to add new direct lenders from the lending market to give you the best and most up-to-date choices. We have designed individual pages to highlight the key features of each lender as well as show much they can potentially let you borrow. We can also tell you their application criteria to avoid you wasting your time, if you do not meet the criteria please select an alternative lender. Always look to compare lenders as some of the lenders will let you borrow for up to a year and some for as short as one month so be very aware when comparing lenders and looking for loans like Peachy.

Websites Like Peachy

Websites like Peachy Loans are for lenders that can offer to deposit funds in your bank account the very same day. One of the most beneficial traits of applying to a direct lender is that you don’t have to deal with any brokers which can significantly speed up the process. Unfortunately, this is an industry that is overcome with brokers who dress themselves as direct lenders who do not run any credit checks and have loans available the very same day but what these broker sites do is gather your application details and recommend you to other lenders or brokers. This can lead to a mass of spam emails and hundreds of texts about loans which quickly become a nuisance. In some cases, brokers may charge you a fee for using their service just to introduce you to potential lenders who cannot guarantee loan approval.

A lot of the matches are computer generated rather than being analysed as an individual case to see which lender would be the best match. This is why you should be wary of broker sites when looking for loans like Peachy as they may not always be a direct lender.