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Loans Like Amigo Loans


Loans like Amigo Loans are in reference to the popular market of guarantor loans. Unlike payday loans a guarantor loan requires someone who will support your application if you can not repay. The guarantor will be responsible for any repayments if you can’t pay so plan carefully before applying. Similar companies like Amigo include George Banco, TFS Loans, Buddy Loans and SUCO. These type of loans usually last for between 6 months to 5 years and can typically borrow up to £10,000 with some lenders. The reason for trying to get a loan like Amigo is to help with any financial emergencies you may be encountering or treating yourself to a holiday or even home improvements. This is where a guarantor loan maybe a solution to your loan needs and aid you financially. There are many guarantor loan lenders available online and you can apply for a hundreds and thousands of pounds and once completed the guarantor lenders will conduct their checks in line with UK credit law and Financial Credit Authority (FCA), they can give you a decision for your application instantly on some occasions and if approved the loan could be in your guarantors account within 48 hours as this is where the loan needs to go first then they can pass on to you. When repaying your loan you will just repay this on a set date each month which has been agreed with a lender and the money debited from your bank account.

Guarantor Loan Companies Similar To Amigo Loans

You may have been searching for loan companies similar to Amigo Loans and landed on this page or you may have been a previous customer of Amigo and are looking to get a loan with a different guarantor lender with a better rate and looking for alternatives to this popular lender. We at The Lenders List have listed a number of guarantor loan lenders that are available for you to compare and they are all UK based companies and regulated by the FCA. We give customers the ability to browse through our site and see for yourselves the various lenders available. Always study all lenders to see where you can get a great rate when looking for a loan of up to £10,000.

Sites Like Amigo Loans

Amigo loans are probably the most recognised brand in the guarantor loan market as they are prominent with the marketing they invest in but there are many other lenders available in this industry and it is always best to compare all direct lenders where possible. We at The Lenders List always feature lenders on our homepage which we alternate each month giving each lender some exposure about the services they provide. All guarantor lenders have been checked that they can legally trade in the UK and will have your best interests at heart. We have a specially dedicated individual page for each lender so you can find out a bit about the company, the requirements needed to apply for a loan and a review by us about that lender. Always click through to the lenders site to get more information about any lender and compare all the companies similar to Amigo Loans before trying there first.