SafetyNet Credit

68.7% Representative
Loan amount:
£50 to £500
Loan term:
Ongoing as long as you keep up with payments
Loan type:
Short Term

Whilst SafetyNet Credit don’t give payday loans, we offer a revolving credit facility that could be more appropriate in most instances than a payday loan will function as covering short term borrowing requires. Our services are available and accessed via some credit brokers, frequently alongside payday lenders, however you may also apply directly on our site. If your application with us is approved we will provide money right, and will not go through any secondary suppliers to source your credit. If you apply with us via our website you’ll have immediate, unfiltered contact together during the whole loan process.

We’ve got an expert team that actively follows developments and work together with the relevant regulating bodies to make sure we are always up to date with any changes in the industry guidelines, ensuring we can offer the best experience for our clients.

Since we’re a direct lender and have direct control over our products and services, we’ve also been in a position to take innovative new strategies to the commonplace of credit service provided by other creditors.

These innovations include a unique system whereby you are able to set a balance level at which you would prefer a transfer to be made directly to your bank account. Your available credit will subsequently function as a safety net, mechanically boosting your balance whenever you’re close to going in an unauthorised overdraft, assisting you to avoid any unplanned borrowing charges from your bank.

We’re also completely clear about our costs. Any credit you do use will only cost 0.8% per day. There are no additional charges in addition to this, plus it does not cost anything to connect your account.

SafetyNet Credit Criteria

Age Requirement
Debit Card
Credit Checks
Other Requirements
See Website
Same Day Transfer Available
Loan Value Available
£50 to £500
Representative APR
Loan Length
Ongoing as long as you keep up with payments
FCA Registration Number
Loan Example
Amount of credit: £500. Interest rate: 0.8% per day for up to 40 days Representative 68.7% APR (variable)

SafetyNet Credit Review

SafetyNet Credit offer an alternate to short-term loans, by firmly linking to your own bank accounts, tracking it, and topping up whenever you’re low in capital or going to enter an unauthorised overdraft.

Offering a permanent line of credit, with no minimum or maximum repayment terms, their strategy empowers either automatic or manual top ups and can allow you to avoid expensive bank fees. Offering a permanent line of credit, with no minimum or maximum repayment terms, their strategy empowers either automatic or manual yop ups and can allow you to avoid expensive bank fees.

SafetyNet credit offers a credit limit of up to £500 for all approved clients, which can be available whenever you need it.

If you choose, ‘auto-deposits,’ then you can set the balance level that triggers SafetyNet Credit to automatically send you an advance. Alternatively, you may borrow up to your available credit whenever you choose from the SafetyNet Credit dashboard.

You have to complete an internet application form, supplying personal information, including contact information, an address background and bank account details. These can include your online banking login credentials, as you want to connect your SafetyNet Credit account to your existing account (providing read only access.)

SafetyNet credit will subsequently carry out financing affordability test, such as a credit check and a summary of the fiscal action in your present account.

Customer Review:

SafetyNet Credit
User Rating: 4.2 (6 votes)
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Company Pros...

  • Accepts applicant with less than perfect credit score
  • Offer an alternative to traditional overdrafts
  • Funds could be in your account within 15 minutes of approval

Watch out for...

  • You must have internet banking facility
  • Missed payments can impact negatively on your credit report