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SafetyNet Credit

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About SafetyNet Credit

SafetyNet Credit offers short-term borrowing solutions designed to be more cost-effective than typical overdraft options provided by many banks. The service functions as a revolving line of credit, designed to automatically provide the needed funds when your selected bank account balance drops below a specified level or when you decide to initiate a transfer. Your Safety Net Credit account will connect directly to your chosen bank account in order to facilitate a quick transfer of funds.The business focuses on providing an affordable credit option through responsible lending practices. All potential borrowers are evaluated to ensure they possess the reasonable ability to repay any borrowed funds, including the completion of a thorough credit check. While minimum credit requirements will apply, Safety Net Credit may be able to help potential borrowers with some issues in their credit history.Qualified borrowers may have access to up to £500 and provide borrowers to transfer funds to their bank account in as little as 15 minutes. Borrowers can access their account online through a secure website portal or the Safety Net Credit mobile app. The revolving line of credit has no minimum or maximum repayment terms.Repayment will only be accepted when your linked account has sufficient funds to cover the payment. This ensures that any repayment efforts will not reach into any overdraft protection associated with the account. Repaid principal is immediately applied to your available credit, allowing you to borrow the funds again should the need arise

SafetyNet Credit Criteria

  • Minimum Age
  • 18
  • Debit Card
  • Yes
  • Credit Checks
  • Yes
  • Other Requirements
  • Bank account with Internet Banking
  • Same Day Transfer Available
  • Yes
  • Loan Value Available
  • £50 to £500
  • Representative APR
  • 68.7
  • Loan Length
  • Ongoing as long as you keep up with payments
  • Credit License Number
  • 646762
  • Representative Example
  • Amount of credit: £500. Interest rate: 0.8% per day for up to 40 days Representative 68.7% APR (variable).

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SafetyNet Credit Review

Safety Net Credit provides revolving lines of credit in amounts ranging from £50 to £500. The service connects directly to a linked bank account chosen by the borrower, and can be set to automatically transfer funds when the linked bank account drops below a selected threshold. Borrower initiated transfers can be completed in as little as 15 minutes through the “Borrow Now” feature available through the web-portal and mobile app.

Repayment can be made in a single payment or through multiple instalments, depending on the amount borrowed and the funds available in the borrower’s linked account. Funds will only be withdrawn for repayment when sufficient funds are available and the withdrawal will not result in any overdraft charges. All repayment activity will be reported to the appropriate credit bureaus, allowing on time payments and responsible borrowing practices to reflect positively on a borrower’s credit report.

Support is available by telephone and email, allowing borrowers to communicate in their method of choice. Account details are always available online, so borrowers can monitor their available funds and usage at any time, day or night. All information provided to Safety Net Credit is sent through a secure portal with appropriate levels of encryption and other technological precautions.

Additional guidance, including frequently asked questions, is available directly through the Safety Net Credit site. You do not have to have an account to access this information, allowing you to review that information before applying.