My Mate Loans

1451% Representative
Loan amount:
£150 to £2500
Loan term:
7 Days to 12 Months
Loan type:
Short Term

Ever felt that traditional High Street banks or financial institutions aren’t able to give you the support you need? Or that online short term finance providers don’t take into account your individual circumstances? Frustrated that you can’t find a lender that is transparent, ethical and accessible? My Mate Loans could be the solution. My Mate, the friend who lends.

The credit My Mate offer may be a solution for occasional, urgent and short-term to medium-term cash needs. The loan is for a small or medium amount, for a period between 7 days and 12 months. It is a short or medium term credit solution. No hidden fees, no hidden charges and we tell you from the start how much you are borrowing, over how long and how much you will repay. Available 24/7 offering a convenient, modern and flexible approach to borrowing, using the most up to date technological solutions so that your credit past does not dictate your financial future!

My Mate Loans Criteria

Age Requirement
Debit Card
Credit Checks
Other Requirements
Same Day Transfer Available
Loan Value Available
£150 to £2500
Representative APR
Loan Length
7 Days to 12 Months
FCA Registration Number
Loan Example
Borrow £150.00 - Repay £201.54

My Mate Loans Review

My Mate Loans offer both short and long term loans and users have the ability to choose how long they have to repay their loan. They are direct payday loan lenders who offer loans from £150 up to £2500 with the option to payback between 2 to 12 months.

My Mate consider and make an assessment on every application based on individual personal circumstances. This means they are able to offer an affordability based lending decision that reflects how much you are able to repay each month, to help you budget and manage your personal finances.

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My Mate Loans
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