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Masa Loans Guarantor

Credit Amount:
£1000 - £7500
Available Term:
1 to 5 years

Company overview

We at Masa Loans Guarantor, provide personal guarantor loans to customers across the UK and have been operating since 2013. Guarantor loans have become a popular way of borrowing and we have been one of the leading lenders in the market since our inception.

We run a fair and honest operation providing our customers with the best service and provide a solution that meet your needs. We make sure that we lend responsibly at all times and that the customers we lend to can manage a loan as we pride ourselves on being a responsible lender.

Masa Loans understand that new borrowers or potential borrowers may not have a perfect credit rating but that does not mean that a borrower is not suitable for a loan. Masa Loans use guarantors when assessing a loan application- this means that rather than checking the credit rating and repayment ability of the borrower they instead check that of the nominated guarantor. Masa Loans will contact the nominated guarantor to confirm they are happy to support your loan application and insure repayments are made if the borrower fails to pay the agreed amount

Borrow £1500 - Repay £2294.40 (Based over 2 years)

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£50 £2,000
1 month 12 months

Credit Review

Masa Guarantor Loans differ from traditional bank loans because of the guarantor feature which allows people, who may have otherwise been turned down for a loan, to access the finance that they need. Their loan process is very simple and you could have a decision within minutes of applying and you could access the funds within 48 hours. If approved, the agreed funds will be paid into the guarantor’s bank account.

An advantage of Masa Guarantor Loans is that the guarantor does not necessarily have to be a homeowner which is often a prerequisite for other companies. They also do not charge borrowers with any upfront fees when applying for finance as they understand that this could be an issue for potential borrowers especially given that they are applying for financial help.

They pride themselves on running a fair and honest service that offers the highest level of customer service and tailor made solutions depending on the needs of the individual. They insure that they practice responsible lending by assessing the affordability of the loans that they provide to make sure they are suited to the individual.

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