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Loans 2 Go

Credit Amount:
£250 to £1000
Available Term:
1 Month to 18 Months

Company overview

Loans 2 Go offers personal loans to those who may not be eligible for traditional bank financing such as those with a bad credit history, CCJ’s, or other credit issues. Additionally, tenants, self-employed, and those on benefits are also welcome to apply.

To function as a responsible lender, all costs associated with your loan are disclosed upfront. This includes information regarding the amount required for each payment, when repayment is due, and what the total amount paid will be once the obligation is met. Loans 2 Go does not charge any setup fees and requires no payments upfront.

Loans can be obtained in amounts ranging from £250 to £500 for first time borrowers, and up to £5,000 for returning borrowers who meet certain eligibility requirements. Repayment is scheduled in instalments over the course of 12 to 36 months, depending on the amount borrowed and the borrower’s preference. Those who wish to settle early can do so without penalty, and may ultimately pay less in interest over the term of their loan.

Unlike many lenders, Loans 2 Go offers two ways to receive your funds once approved, you can either receive the funds through a traditional bank transfer or retrieve the funds in cash from one of their branch locations. The application process is simple. Potential borrowers will need to bring a photo ID, proof of address, and bank statements in order to complete the process. If approved, most borrowers will receive their funds on the same day of their loan approval.

Representative Example - Borrow £600 over 18 months at a flat rate of 205.2% per annum (fixed) with a representative 989.9% APR you will make 17 monthly payments of £135.93 and 1 payment of £135.99, repaying £2,446.80 in total. However, we only charge interest monthly and we do not penalise you for early settlement. If you repaid the loan in one month it would cost you just £102.60 and nothing more

Credit calculator

£50 £2,000
1 month 12 months

Credit Review

Loans 2 Go offers personal loans to borrowers who may not otherwise be eligible for financing, including those with bad credit or CCJ’s, as well as those who do not currently have standard employment. The associated interest rate is significantly lower than that associated with a payday loan, which allows some borrowers a lower cost solution to their funding needs.

Funds can be received, either in cash or via a bank transfer, on the same day as the application is approved, in many cases. This allows it to potentially serve as a source of funding for an emergency, depending on precisely when the application is complete in comparison to the standard business hours.

Being able to receive funds in cash, barring certainly local limitations, may be beneficial for those who cannot make it to a bank branch to withdrawal funds as cash, should that be the required method of payment.

Minimum requirements

  • 21+ Age Requirement
  • Require a UK debit card
  • Be a UK resident

Company Pros...

  • Will consider applicants with CCJ's
  • No upfront fees
  • Accept applications from people who are self employed

Watch out for...

  • You may need to go into one of their 60 stores to verify ID
  • Maximum of £500 for new customers

Company Details

Loans 2 Go Ltd,
Bridge Studios,
34a Deodar Road,
London SW15 2NN

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Loans 2 Go
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