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Little Loans Payday is not a direct lender, but a broker that provides a matching service which puts you in touch with direct lenders or another broker. By using their broker service, they are pretty much matching you up with direct lenders we have listed on The Lenders List and are quite simply using your details to lead generate.

We believe that these types of sites can be avoided by applying directly with lenders and reduces the hassle of Little Loans Payday passing your details on to a number of companies that you have no idea who they are.

By avoiding broker sites like Little Loans Payday, you can apply directly with lenders and find out exactly what criteria that you must meet to apply rather than a broker passing your details on to any old company with limited chances of getting a loan.

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Little Loans Payday don’t charge any up-front fees for using their brokerage service, but they pass on your details to 3rd party companies to generate revenue, but when you are submitting your personal details would you not prefer to know where your details are ending up? Stay safe and apply with on direct payday and instalment lenders.

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