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Weekend Payday Loan Lenders

As the demand for weekend payday loan lenders and instalment loans increase the industry is making changes to meet those demands and changing times in the UK. More and more UK payday lenders are now able to fund loans over the weekend rather than the usual Monday to Friday as they know the need for an emergency short-term loan can occur any day of the week and don't want to restrict customer only applying on weekdays.

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The Increase On Weekend Payday Loans

Direct payday loan lenders know that applying for instalment and payday loans during the week can be difficult and stressful as you may be at work and not so easy to apply. Some people feel more comfortable applying from home and being discreet and want a decision the same day so customers would prefer to apply on the weekends making it easier for them. Weekend payday loans have increased in the last few years and the industry notices this and they have started to change their usual methods to meet the customers needs just like any other industry.

Weekend Payday Loan Lenders No Brokers

If you do a search on the internet you will find tons of companies online claiming to be a weekend payday loan lenders but if you look carefully at some site they are actually brokers with broker forms. Broker sites with broker forms mean that you will put in your details only for your details to be passed on to other broker sites or a direct lender this can result in receiving spam texts and emails that nobody likes. Some brokers charge a fee for using their service and we at The Lenders List strongly believe nothing should ever be charged unless you have a fully approved and credited loan. If you are searching for loan lenders via The Lenders List we have checked all lenders listed that they have the funds available to lend and are listed on the FCA register that their license covers them to lend funds.

Spotting a broker can be tough but here are some tips how you can spot a broker:

  • Check the footer of the site and they should state if they are a broker or lender
  • If a website guarantees a loan with no credit checks if you fill out an application treat this with high caution as genuine direct payday loan lenders will have to conduct credit and affordability checks and are just using these types of words to reel you in
  • Get the FCA number from the website usually located in the footer or about us section and input the FCA number into the FCA register and select permission, here you can see if their license covers them to lend funds or if they only provide a brokerage service

UK Weekend Payday Loan Lenders

The Lenders List only list payday and instalment lenders that are UK registered business and have a fully searchable FCA number. Not all lenders provide weekend payday loans yet but as the demand grows you will see more UK weekend payday loan lenders giving you a lot more choice when looking for a weekend loan. If you go directly to the lender’s website you will be able to see for sure if the lender is a weekend payday loan lender and some will even fund on bank holidays please check all websites directly for details about this.