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Guarantor Loans

Welcome To The Guarantor Lenders List

The Guarantor Lenders List is a sub-section of The Lenders List and is a directory of direct guarantor loan lenders in the UK. The Lenders List was created to give customers the best choices and help finding the best guarantor loan lenders when looking for loans of up to £25,000. We have generated a list of guarantor loan lenders that we work with and we always ensure that they are registered to trade in the UK as well as having a valid FCA license.

The Lenders List Mission

We at The Lenders List have conducted our own investigations about the guarantor loan market and discovered that 1000’s of customers are looking for guarantor loan lenders online. Guarantor companies have been around for the last 10 years and finding a new guarantor loan can be tough and painstaking with 100’s of brokers out there. We want to eliminate the stress when searching for guarantor loan lenders to save you time and focus on getting that loan. When searching for a guarantor loan direct lender in the UK always check the footer of the lenders website and also check the about us section to verify that they are direct guarantor loan lenders not brokers this should be identifiable on the  guarantor lenders site if it is not visible on the website email or call the lender to get this verified.

Looking for the best guarantor loan company in this market is very hard because alot of lenders will claim to be the best guarantor loan lender but they need to use some sort of bait to get visitors on to their site to complete an application with them so always do background research on the lender and check the rates. The benefit of using The Lenders List is you can view information on guarantor loan sites who the direct lenders are and the minimum requires need to submit an application. We want to help consumers looking for a guarantor loan online lender because there is a massive influx of brokers in the industry and feel it will beneficial to apply directly with the lender yourself. A online guarantor loan direct lender will require you to fill out an application online and this will be a similar trend with any guarantor loan company but there are times where you can apply through the phone but the preferred method by the majority of lenders will need applications done online.

Listing Only Direct Guarantor Loan Lenders

At The Lenders List we make it our mission to only list guarantor loan direct lenders so depending on your situation searching for an online loan lender we have double checked that the lenders listed are registered to trade in the UK and have an FCA number which authorises them to offer financial products. We want you to find guarantor loans direct and whilst avoiding brokers who may charge fees by using our free service you will never be charged a fee by The Lenders List.

Working Directly With Guarantor Lenders Not Brokers

The Guarantor Lenders List is another arm of The Lenders List portfolio and have researched the market to list a multiple number of direct Guarantor loan lenders to give consumers the best choices and the ability to compare different lenders. On The Lenders List what you will find is every lender that is listed we have made a page focusing on that specific lender explaining the type of loan they offer, what checks may be done and the amounts that you could possibly apply for. The analysis we do gives our visitors a chance to evaluate each Guarantor lender and make informative choices and we will only choose to list lenders that are based in the UK and have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who regulate this market. We believe that listing only FCA regulated Guarantor lenders that these lenders will follow the responsible lending criteria set out by the FCA and have the best interests of the customers at heart. The Guarantor Lenders List we amke it our mission to work with direct lenders only and avoiding brokers who could possibly charge you fees for applying just to be paired with a direct lender. The details about direct Guarantor lenders we believe should be freely available Information so that customers can make decisions with the information presented in front of them without be charged for anything till a loan has been agreed and funded. Guarantor lenders will have various rates and differing criteria and by looking at our panel of direct lenders you could save money choosing one particular lender over another so always read the information available to get the best deal.

Working with FCA Regulated Partners

The Lenders List work as an online directory and lists direct Guarantor loan lenders who have chosen to partner us as long as they are FCA regulated we are happy to list. When you click on a direct guarantor lenders logo or apply now button of your choice, you will go straight through to the site of that lender and you will be presented with the chance to apply directly yourself without submitting details to The Lenders List and you could receive funds on the same day as long as you have passed the checks and have been approved by the lender. When applying The Lenders List we will not take or share your personal details and we take no fees from visitors using our site. Our partners listed will not give us details either as they will all have data protection rules to follow and must keep customers details secure. We will from time to time be paid a commission from the listed Guarantor loan lenders if loans are approved or be paid for listing on our site but we will never accept any payments from the general public and will only ever feature FCA approved companies.

There are many differences between applying with a direct Guarantor lender and applying with a broker. Broker sites will sometimes give you the impress they are a direct lender but its a way of getting you to submit your details and then what you will find is that they are trying to pair you with a lender or referring you to another broker and they will usually make a commission for introducing you to the third party partners. Always be aware that some brokers may sometimes charge you a fee the service and can range from £25 to £100 and we strongly feel that this is not right and nothing should ever be charged until you are actually approved a Guarantor loan. Also brokers may share your details to marketing agencies and other companies resulting in hundreds of texts and email sent to you each month sometimes stating you have been approved when really they just want you to submit your details again hoping that you may be approved and this will result in the broker making a commission.