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Guarantor Loans Online

If you reached this page than hopefully you’ve had a chance to look around at our list of guarantor lenders, you may then be wondering on how I apply for a guarantor loan online. Most guarantor lenders in the market place will have an online application route to speed up the actual process and to ensure that your details are captured at the initial application stage. The actual online application process may vary between the different lenders but the following information will summarize the usual process that most lenders will use –


  • PRELIMINARY APPLICATIONS – This will often be the initial stage of your application; you will be required to submit your basic details online including the credit sum amount that’s being made e.g. name, address, income, employment, marital status, income etc. At the guarantor lenders list we only work directly with online lenders so your details are never passed on to other companies or brokers. All applications will have to be made with a single lender at any one given time, unlike a broker who may give you to access more than one lender with a single application. NOT ALL BROKERS BUT SOME MAY CHARGE A SMALL FEE FOR THE APPLICATION THAT’S CARRIED OUT.


  • APPLICATION ASSESSMENT – Unlike other financial requests you may not always be given an instant decision online, likely the lender will need to look at your details and carry out further security checks and credit searches to ensure that you qualify for the loan amount that’s been applied for. Most lenders at this point will be happy to liaise with yourself over the phone or online to make the application as smooth and quick as possible.


  • UNDERWRITTING – Having completed the various checks the lenders may request to see some documentary evidence for your application such as; proof of address, copy of bank statements, payslips etc. Please note that they most likely will want to liaise and exchange information with both yourself and your guarantor. Once the lenders are happy with all the information that’s been provided your funds will be released to yourself.


Our individual lenders pages will give you the basic requirements for the online loan application, however if you feel that you need more information feel free to get in touch with ourselves or our list of lenders. Always ensure that the information that’s submitted online is correct to the best of your knowledge to ensure a speedy application and release of funds subject to acceptance.