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Using Our Comparison Site

At The Lenders List, we want to make sure that anyone who is interested in loan options can easily compare offerings from different direct lenders. Every company logo functions as a link to the lender’s site, and always opens in a new window. This ensures you are always directed to the specified lender’s site while maintaining your place on The Lenders List’s informational pages.

The Lenders List is for Performing Comparisons Only

The Lenders List is not a lender. We will never take, share, or store your personal details as a result of using our site, and can offer no guarantee that your loan will be approved. The purpose of our site is to provide a central point of information for individuals interested in comparing loan offerings from multiple lenders before choosing where to apply.

Our comparison information is based on details specified by the lender, such as their current interest rates and the length of loan terms, though the lender may change their rates, terms, and qualifications at their discretion as permitted by local law and regulation. Rates displayed in the lender descriptions are not guaranteed to be available to every borrower, as loan applications must be approved by the individual lender.

Searching and Filtering Options

When using the comparison portion of The Lenders List site, you have the option of viewing all lenders, or you can choose to filter the results based on specific criteria. You can provide information about the desired loan amount, and preferred loan term length is narrow the results. Additional information, like whether you have CCJs or defaults, are interested in guarantor loans, or whether you are a homeowner can help narrow the results further.

You can also limit the search based on the lender’s accepted credit score, whether you prefer a short-term or instalment loan, as well as certain information regarding your finances. None of the information provided is shared or stored by The Lenders List. It is only used to perform search actions as you request.

Lender Information

Each lender included on the list is displayed with the logo and basic information regarding potential loan amounts, representative APR, and their lender rating. When viewing this loan comparison information, each lender’s primary description features a link giving you the option to view additional details about their loan offerings. The expanded information provides additional details regarding loan terms, the primary loan type offered, descriptions of the company, general loan approval criteria, and reviews.

Applying for a Loan

If you locate a lender that meets your needs, simply click on the Apply Now button or on the lender’s logo. A new window will open connecting you directly to the lender’s site. At that point, you are no longer on The Lenders List site and will be providing personal information directly to the selected lender only. Providing your information gives you the opportunity to move forward with a loan application. Your qualifications will be reviewed by the lender to determine whether your request for a loan will be approved. Ultimately, the lender always has the final say regarding your eligibility regardless of what information is provided on The Lenders List comparison site.

Latest News