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Importance Of The Electoral Roll

The electoral roll is an important aspect when guarantor lenders are conducting a credit searches on you and is something that is looked at when going through the security process of an application. The electoral roll is a government register that confirms your address and allows you to vote in General Elections and By-elections in the UK. There are a lot of people who are not sure if they are on the Electoral Roll or how to go about registering.

How To Register On The Electoral Roll

The electoral roll is usually updated once a year and usually the responsibility of local councils to send out forms to complete and send back confirming your name and address. There are occasions where a representative from the council may come door to door to say the form has not been received from your household and they will just confirm all the people names at the address and help fill out the form with you. If neither of these have been done then you can go online on the Electoral Commission site and register there or go to your local council to say you need to put your name on the electoral roll who will do this for you.

Why Guarantor Lenders Use The Electoral Roll

Even though registering on the electoral roll allows you to be eligible to vote in UK elections its also has a significance in credit checking process. The guarantor lenders check that you are registered on the electoral roll as this confirms your identity and your permanent address and gives lenders confidence that you are who you say you are and matches the electoral roll. This is a security measure used by all lenders and helps prevent fraudulent activity and this is a method that protects you and the lender.

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