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If You Could Drive to Work for Free, Would You?

While services like Uber have taken the transit industry by storm, it still requires volunteer drivers to provide a vehicle. This can make available options limited depending on your location and the time of day. But what if you could drive a car other than yours, for free? By being open to grabbing fellow commuters along the way, carpool style, you might be able to. If that sounds like a good deal to you, then you are exactly the kind of person this Copenhagen-based company wants to see.

Meet Spiri

Spiri is a company that has designed an electric car with a range of up to 200 miles. With that comes styling from former employees of Aston Martin and Tesla. The company hopes to have customers rent out a Spiri through the app that accompanies the service. As part of the deal for driving the car, you will help other people reach their destination along the way.

Riders are matched with drivers based on their route and the timing of their trip. While the driver pays nothing, riders will pay a small fee. This allows the driver to be compensated by eliminating the costs associated with the trip.

Managing the Car

Cars would be picked up and dropped off from specified locations. This ensures that the cars can be sufficiently charged before hitting the road again. And with charging times coming in at as little as 40 minutes, it may be an efficient system.

Additionally, the cars are designed to be comfortable to those who may drive and ride. Special attention is paid to the legroom for passengers in the backseat. This ensures a higher level of overall comfort for all travellers. The idea is to create a new paradigm in the transportation sector by developing the ideal vehicle to meet the need.

A Model of Efficiency

The Spiri is designed to be roomy, but efficient. The overall body is a hybrid between traditional four-wheeled vehicles and three-wheeler variants. By moving the front tyres closer to the centre of the vehicle, the designers found that they needed fewer parts to complete construction. They kept the fourth tyre to improve overall stability.

The body of the vehicle is also designed to be lightweight and is only composed of 700 parts. This can keep maintenance costs lower through simplified construction. And the lighter design helps the battery reach new distances on a single charge.

Can It Compete with Uber?

Uber still requires drivers to provide their own vehicle. While Spiri may not provide much competition for single riders looking for a peaceful trip, it may be a welcomed alternative to UberPool. While Spiri is designed with the carpooler in mind, Uber drivers are not necessarily fans of the UberPool dynamic. Often, Uber drivers feel they are not fairly compensated for managing other riders. Additionally, they often receive negative reviews based on issues inherent with the UberPool system.

Since Spiri is being examined as a carpooling program, it may not have the same level of complaints lobbied against its format. Additionally, the ability to use a vehicle other than your own may make drivers more comfortable with the closer quarters.

Ultimately, Spiri is an experiment that may allow people to volunteer as drivers, and get to where they are going for nothing more than the hassle of driving other people. This could be a great solution for anyone who is looking for a more cost-effective commute without having to sacrifice their car to the cause.

Latest News