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Looking for a Stable Career? Become a Teacher

We all understand the importance of having quality teachers. Based on current turnover rates, and the impending retirement of the baby boomer generation, a teacher shortage is on the horizon. That means becoming a teacher can lead to a stable career. And there are other advantages too.

Educational Benefits

Obtaining an education through a university is a big expense. But, for those entering the world of teaching, funding is available. You can access traditional funding sources as well as bursaries and scholarships reserved specifically for the teachers of tomorrow.

Depending on the subject and degree level, scholarships are available up to £30,000. While science, technology, and mathematics are in particularly high demand, opportunities exist throughout the educational spectrum.

For someone looking to start a new career, and doesn’t have a lot of money to manage educational expenses, teaching is a great opportunity. You can improve your financial position by entering a new profession without having to assume large amounts of debt.

Starting Salary

The average salary of those working in the UK is around £26,000. That includes professions all across the country and people with varying levels of experience.

Currently, newly qualified teachers earn at least £22, 467 during their first year. If you take a position in inner London, the minimum salary is £28,098. Higher paid teachers make well above the average. And those who work in leadership positions can see even higher wages. Other benefits include holidays, the Teacher’s Pension Scheme, and teaching and learning responsibility payments. You can also receive additional educational funding to further your career.

Career Progression

Opportunities for career progression are widely available. Pay is also linked to performance. This means talented, dedicated teachers can receive more pay without having to wait for specific length of service requirements. Additionally, pay rates are examined annually to make sure they remain competitive.

Current Teacher Shortages

Many schools have been battling teacher shortages for some time. Not only are baby boomers retiring, but the rising costs of tuition prevented many from choosing the career path. The number of secondary-aged students is also rising. That puts more strains on the teachers working today.

While a shortage doesn’t guarantee upcoming changes, a persistent pattern may result in higher wages and more educational assistance. Incentives for current teachers may also rise to bolster retention efforts.

Why You Should Consider Teaching

Besides being able to help shape the minds of today’s youth, a career as a teacher offers financial stability. If you are currently working an unreliable hourly job, the being a teacher can provide you a career. You can also earn salaries higher than the current national average and receive access to other benefits such as financial assistance for your education.

Being a teacher can be rewarding in more ways than a simple pay check. Many who work in the profession love the work, and what it means to the children they teach and their community. If you are passionate about any school subject and can see yourself working with children to help them toward a brighter future, being a teacher is definitely worth exploring.

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