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Stretching The Budget Until Payday

We all know the feeling; payday is still a short while away but you are down to your last note with what feels like a long time ahead. Whether you’re running a little low or just looking to save a little more, there are a number of ways to limit your spending and save that all too important cash.

  • Focus On The Needs Not The Wants

It is easy to get carried away buying all the things you want whilst ignoring those mandatory monthly expenses. Before that next pay packet hits your bank account make a note of all the things you need to pay e.g. rent, credit card bills etc. this will help you to set a realistic monthly budget to stop expenses from spiralling out of control and leaving you short when it comes to the things that matter.

  • Stop Pumping Up The Fuel Tank

Having a car is often very convenient but it is also a luxury that is often abused and can end up draining an income. Rather than running to the petrol pump, treat what is in your tank as the only fuel available. Stop making unnecessary trips to the corner shop that can be reached on foot and consider carpooling on longer journeys. Petrol costs easily add up so try not to rely on your car at all times.

  • Cut Costs With Coupons

Sometimes, spending is unavoidable but that does not mean you have to break the bank. There are plenty of offers and vouchers available, especially online. Before heading out grocery shopping, browse online for available vouchers, the savings soon add up! A few extra minutes before you head out of the door could leave you with a fuller wallet as well as fuller bags.

  • Plan Your Meals

The average kitchen cupboard is full of canned goods as well as jars and boxes that you do not even remember buying. Before making the trip to the supermarket, look through your cupboards and come up with some recipe ideas with what you have. You can always substitute items for things you have lying around to avoid spending unnecessarily on groceries.

This way you not only save on groceries but, you also save wasting food that is near its expiration date.

  • Rent Movies For Next To Nothing

Going to the cinema is not cheap, especially when you factor in food and drink- it quite quickly snowballs! Something that many people tend to overlook is the cheap rentals offered by sources such as local libraries; a movie night at home could save you a considerable amount of money without leaving y bored without a thing to do.

  • Find some Freebies

No matter how much we try to maintain things, it is inevitable that once I a while, the microwave, toaster or some other appliance will break. Rather than splashing out on a new gadget, try flicking through the free section on Craigslist. People often give away items that they no longer want or need. You could save yourself some money if the item is free or exchange it for something that you no longer use.

  • Think Outside The Box

Socialising can often lead to overspending; a few drinks, a quick meal, a night out- they all soon add up. You can of course, put off some outings until you have a bit more cash but alternatively, suggest a slightly less pricey plan. If the plan is to catch up with friends, why not invite them over for a coffee and avoid the expensive coffee house or suggest a dinner at home instead of a meal in town.

All of these suggestions sound simple enough- because they are! Saving does not have to be an ordeal, it just takes some planning and cautious spending to see you through to the end of the month.


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