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Shopping Tricks To Save You Money

Saving £££s From The High Street To The Department Store

Who doesn’t love a leisurely afternoon browsing the shops and spending money on new items? Whether you are wandering the mall, strolling the London high streets, or shopping online, there are plenty of ways you can still save money. Retailers implore lots of selling tactics to entice you to buy. Here’s a list of ways you can detect, avoid, and beat the shop.

Negotiate When You Can

Most people in business will say to never accept the first offer, so why should you accept the first price offered while shopping? This may not be applicable if you are shopping in chain stores but if you are browsing a local market with vendor stalls or even a car boot sale, always try to haggle. Remember, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Cash Is King

Cash is a great motivator for a shopkeeper to lower his price, specifically when you are dealing with local high street retailers. It’s not likely you could go into Argos and haggle on a new dining set however, smaller, independent retailers can be more flexible. Often times, you may find that the salesperson you are dealing with in the store is in fact the owner or manager so you can go right to the source for negotiating. Offering to pay cash will always be in your favour.

Avoid Financing Offers

Have you ever walked into a furniture store and been offered “0% Interested For Six Months, Same As Cash”? Do not be fooled, it is not the same as cash and can end up costing you big money. Studies show that 1 in 5 people, who sign up for these offers, don’t end up paying the amount in full within the contracted time. Most assume they will pay it back so they tend to ignore the interest rate. Additionally, consumers assume that interest is only calculated on the amount outstanding at the end of the term. Wrong again. If you read the fine print, these offers often include ‘delayed interest,’ meaning interest starts to accumulate from the day of purchase and is delayed until the end of the promo period. So if for example, you still owe £100 on a £500 item at the end of the term, you will pay interest on the full £500.

Decode Store Price Tags

Inspecting the tags on items could save you a bargain, you just have to know what they mean. For example, at Next, you can find codes like B14, G4, P7, OB9 and S13 handwritten on a price tag. The numbers usually represent the amount the item will be reduced during a sale. The only downside is that you never know when the sale is going to begin but retail workers claim the sale will usually start within a week of the presence of the new codes. So if you are having a browse in one of your favourite shops and see these types of codes, you might be better off waiting a few days before you make a purchase. Additionally, you should look out for prices that end in 7, 8, and 1 in stores that sell large electrical items. If the price ends in 7 or 8, that usually means the model has been discontinued and if the price ends in 1 the item is very old clearance stock. You should be successful when negotiating for these items as staff members are usually instructed to shift the older models to make room for new inventory.

Delay Completing An Online Order

To save money shopping online, simply place the items into your basket, and then leave the site. Please note, you must first sign in or sign up for an account with that particular site for this to work. Usually a day after leaving the site, you will be emailed a discount code from the online retailer to tempt you back to the purchase. Many retailers like Boohoo, ASDA, Tesco, and H&M have been known to offer discount codes.

Purchase Unwanted Gift Cards

Online marketplace Zeek sells unwanted gift cards for up to 25% off the value of the card. The site sells e-vouchers, which are sent instantly after the purchase, as well as traditional gift cards, which will arrive by post. You can also find discounted gift cards on eBay, however Zeek checks the cards and confirms that they are valid while eBay does not.


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