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The ABC’s (and D’s) of Resolutions Success

As we welcome 2017 into our lives, many choose to participate in a long-standing tradition: New Year’s Resolutions. But, setting a resolution doesn’t guarantee success. In fact, many fail to reach the goals associated with their resolutions. However, there are techniques one can use to increase their odds of success. Here are a few tips to get you started on your path to 2017 glory.

Allow for Deviations In Resolutions

People often have an all-or-nothing approach to resolutions. If they even slightly deviate from the plan, then the resolution gets thrown aside as a failure. But this fatalistic attitude is unnecessary. For example, indulging one day instead of sticking to your diet doesn’t mean you can’t continue on the healthier path tomorrow.

Understand that temporary set-backs will occur, and mistakes will be made. And then, reassert your dedication to the cause and move forward again.

Bring Friends and Family to the Fight

Having a strong support system makes achieving one’s goals easier. Make sure that friends and family know about your resolutions, and enlist their help in getting to your desired destination. Not only does this help make you more accountable for your actions, but it also gives you a group of people in your life who are prepared to cheer you on when you need a boost.

It is important to have someone you can reach out to when you hit a low point. And, with most resolutions, a low point will occur. Don’t set yourself for failure by keeping your resolution a secret from everyone you know. If you aren’t comfortable with everyone knowing, then choose a confidante or two to help you on your journey.

Create a Plan

Resolutions are not completed overnight. Instead, there are numerous steps along the way to final success. Instead of only letting the final destination guide you, take the time to identify the mini-goals you must meet along the way.

For example, if your goal is to eat better, then a mini-goal might be to get one more serving of fruits and vegetables every day. The mini-goal gives you something measurable that you can reach with relative ease. Once you reach that milestone, simply work towards a new one.

You also need to plan to avoid your triggers. If eating healthy is your goal, and a particular sweet shop always pulls you in, then you need to find ways to avoid that location as often as possible. Sometimes this means going a bit out of your way, but even traveling on the next road over might be enough to keep temptation at bay.

Don’t Be Afraid of Rewards

Rewards help you maintain your motivation, so make sure to incorporate them into your plan. But you need to avoid any rewards that work against your goals. For example, if improving your diet or losing weight is part of your plan, don’t use unhealthy foods as rewards. Instead, choose options that let you stick with your resolutions but still have some fun.

By setting yourself up for resolution success, you are better able to meet your goals. So give yourself a fighting chance in 2017, and give these tips a try. You may be surprised by the results.

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