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Best Guarantor Loans

Looking For The Best Guarantor Loans

Over the last few years there has been a rise in the amount of people looking for guarantor loans online due to people struggling to get access to loans through banks or credit cards. The increase in interest for guarantor loans means that there is competitiveness in the market resulting in cheaper guarantor loans which are available from a whole host of direct guarantor lenders.

Looking for the best guarantor loans means you may be looking to quickly borrow money for an emergency or your buying a car and have found a great deal or it could even be wanting the funds for home improvements whatever the reason there are some guarantor lenders who can offer same day guarantor loans so that you can get access to funds as soon as possible and this is usually bank transferred to you.

Non Homeowner Guarantor Loans

There was a time when most guarantor loan lenders needed guarantors to be a homeowner but over the years this criteria has changed. Now it is possible to get non homeowner guarantor loans but check the individual lenders pages on The Lenders List to see who does need the guarantor to be a homeowner or not and if you click through to a lender we advise you do some further reading to get more information on the lenders site.

The guarantor will usually need to have a good credit history as they are acting as back up for your loan if you are unable to pay. All lenders will conduct affordability checks on you and your guarantor to see that the repayments get paid as normal each month.

Best Guarantor Loans Applying Direct

There are always tons of companies who say they can offer you a guarantor loan but in actual fact there is only a handful of direct guarantor loan lenders and majority of companies posing as direct lenders are brokers. Dealing with a broker can be very annoying as all they are doing is taking your details and passing you on to other brokers or lenders and some may even charge a fee for this service.

We at The Lenders List strongly recommend applying direct yourself though the lenders site to save time and and fees and all lenders listed on our site are direct lenders approved by the FCA and UK registered companies. What you will also find applying directly you will get decisions quicker and if approved you will receive funds quicker and there is less risk of you being spammed with emails and texts going through a broker.