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Welcome To The Lenders List

The Lenders List short term and instalment loan website was produced to offer help to clients searching for the finest UK direct payday lenders and instalment loans from the UK without agent’s websites or agent forms. We operate with a trustworthy list of guide payday and instalment lenders which have agreed to be a part of this website in order to benefit customers searching for internet payday loans and instalment loans from £50 to 2500. We’ve ensured that each one of the lenders listed are UK registered firms that are governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and that maintain a legal FCA permit and treat clients fairly.

Direct Payday Loans And Instalment Loans

We currently have over 17 direct payday and instalment loan lenders listed on our site for you to look through and choose between. Some of these lenders are new payday loan lenders that customers may be unfamiliar to you whereas others are more established and better known. Each direct loan lender listed will have their own page specifying the type of loans that they offer and their company statement as well as their minimum criteria for potential lenders. We intentionally work solely with direct lenders so that we can ensure they will not charge any brokerage fees or fees for applications for loans. Another reason for choosing to work with direct lenders is that the companies you apply to can lend the funds themselves rather than passing your personal details onto a range of brokers which could put you at risk to fraudsters and unwanted spam. So, whether you are applying for a small payday loan or longer term finance, we want to ensure that you are protected. ­­ We are sure that like us, you have read the headlines about borrowers overpaying for short-term and payday loans which is why we believe that compiling a comprehensive list of lenders.

The Lenders List acts as on online directory for loan lenders who have agreed to partner with us to get the best results for borrowers. We aim to make the process as simple and transparent as possible. You can just click on the direct payday loan lender or instalment lender of your choice and you will be directed straight to their website where you can submit your application directly to them. Then, if your application is successful, you could have the funds available in your account on the same day. As the Lenders List itself is not a loan lender, we do not accept any applications on behalf of lenders or pass on any confidential information. At The Lenders List, we will not share your details with anyone else and most importantly, we do not charge you for using our site. So in summary, The Lenders List is here to offer a valuable, free and secure service by providing a list of direct payday loan lenders.



Research carried out by The Lenders List shows that the number of potential borrowers looking for short term payday loans is well into the thousands. Payday loan companies have been around for a number of years and it can often be difficult to find the right option for you when there are so many choices. We want to simplify the process by saving you time and hassle in your search for the right short-term loan. An important point when looking for a payday loan direct lender in the UK is to ensure you always check site to find out whether they are a direct lender or a broker. This information should be at the bottom of the webpage or in the ‘About Us’ section of the website. If it is not clear then contact the company by email or phone directly to make sure.

Attempting to find the best payday loan option for you can be a difficult process due to the enormity of the market. Many lenders will claim to be best for you, offering great rates and deals to entice you to fill in an application. It is important to remember that these companies are trying to win you over so you need to conduct some thorough research on the lender. Using The Lenders List, you can see information on payday loan sites including who the direct lenders are and their specific criteria when completing an application. We want to help customers who are looking for an online payday loan lender because we feel that applying directly is the best option in a market filled with brokers. A direct payday loan lender will normally require you to complete an application online; this process will be the same with any payday loan company. However, there are some cases you can apply via phone, but the preferred method is online which you will find easier when looking for a quick payday loan.

At The Lenders List, we strive to only list direct payday loan lenders who specialise in short term loans and no matter what your situation when looking for a loan lender, we want you to be safe in the knowledge that we have verified that each of the lenders listed are UK registered and are regulated by the FCA. We want you to find payday loans directly rather than going through a broker who may charge you fees. By using our free service you will never be charged a fee by The Lenders List at any point during the process.

It is important to note that there is a big difference between direct lenders and brokers. With a broker, borrowers are encouraged to fill in their details on the broker’s website and once complete, they will be recommend to a direct lender. The broker usually takes a fee from the lender and the customer for making the introduction in this case which is often taken automatically and can range from as little as £5 to as much as £70. This fee may be taken without a loan actually being approved for the customer; they are essentially charging for the service to be recommended to lots of other lenders. In some cases, an individual who applies with a broker will have their details shared with lots of other brokers and similar payday companies and still not be approved by any lender.

What payday loans are?

Payday loans are loans designed for short term immediate emergencies to help people cover their short-fall till payday in the event of a financial problem. Payday loan lenders typically lend from £50 up to £2000 and usually need to be repaid on your next payday but some lenders may be flexible and let you pay back on your following payday.

What payday loans could be used for?

Customers can get a payday loan for many reasons but it is for short term emergencies and not to be used as a long term solution. Payday loans could be used for fixing problems with your vehicle, essential repairs that need to be done at home such fixing boilers and payday loans are even taken to cover living costs such as food and travel if you are caught short.

Getting a payday loan from a direct payday loan lender

If you want to obtain payday loans via our directory of lenders, then you will be in touch with direct lenders only. As a partner to loan lenders, we will only list  and work with direct lenders of payday loans and they will handle your application directly. None of our partners will charge any fees upfront just for applying making the payday loan process simple and easy giving you decisions on the same day on most occasions.

Getting a payday loan from an approved FCA lender

When you are searching for payday loans, we always suggest that it is imperative that you do an application with a reputable and approved lender. Working with an approved lender means that your application with be handled by a responsible lender who has to follow guidelines by the FCA who regulate this industry. To make things easier when applying for a payday loan the follow these procedures:

What are instalment loans?

This is a type of long that is borrowed over a longer period and allows people to repay back their loan over a number of agreed months. This gives customers flexibility to pay a lower amount each month making it much more manageable and can pay back what’s owed without being charged any unnecessary fees. The amount you can borrow first time will vary between lenders so ensure when you click through to a direct instalment loan lender that you check what amounts are available and the period you can borrow for. Instalment loan lenders can lend anything from £100 to £2000 and for up to 12 months. All loans approved are subject to status and affordability checks so you may be offered a lower amount than requested if approved.

How is an instalment loan different to a payday loan?

With a payday loan traditionally they need to be paid off on your next immediate payday. With an instalment loan you could borrow say for example £1000 for 12 months, based on the interest charged, a direct instalment loan lender will take a smaller payment form your account each month for 12 months till the loan and interest is cleared off but you will pay more interest when the loan is taken for a longer period. If you took £500 as payday loan then the lender will take the loan amount and any interest charged in one lump sum payment.

Responsible lending from instalment and payday loan lenders

The Lenders List believe that payday loan and instalment loan application should be treated equally and fairly. The objective from all our direct lending partners is to:

When looking for a responsible lender look for the following:

All lenders list with us are approved by the FCA and have been verified.

When completing a payday/instalment what checks are done?

Direct lenders need to complete a number of checks before approving your application. This will include:

Compare Payday Loans and Instalment Loans

When people are comparing payday loan lenders, they are usually looking to borrow up to £1,500 and repay on their next pay date. Finding a lender is one thing but the main reason for going through a payday loans comparison site is so you can actually save money on the loan you plan to take out. With all the lenders we feature offering different loans and prices, there is no doubt that by doing some research, you will be able to take out the same amount and repay less.

A key feature of The Lenders List, is that we only feature specific lenders. We have carefully selected the lenders we feature to ensure that they can directly transfer funds to your account and are not brokers. We appreciate that when customers are looking to apply for a loan its because they want money to pay for an emergency expense such as rent, bills and other household expenses. For this reason, the last thing they want when they apply is to have an unsolicited fee taken out of their account and that is why we do not recommend brokers on our site. Every month, we list our favourite lenders and all you have to do is simply choose the lender you prefer and click on their logo to apply on their website. We will not store your details or charge you for using our service. Once you apply on the lender’s website, they will carry out a series of checks and if you are successful, the funds can be sent to you on the same day. Be sure to click on the drop down menu to see our full list of lenders or you can click on the ‘more details’ button above where you can see more information about each individual lender such as when they started trading, the costs of a loan and the types of checks that they do.

Our lenders commitment

Direct Lenders

We only work with direct loan lenders from the UK that are verified and approved by the FCA. Our site will never charge you for using our service and will never ask for personal or financial details as we only list lenders and not give out loans

No brokers fee

We charge no fees for using our sites and when applying for a loan through our partners they too should not charge any fees before an application is approved and funded. Avoid companies that charge a fee before approval

Responsible lending

All the direct lenders listed on our site have been checked and verified using the official FCA register if they are allowed to carry our financial loan services, always use an approved lender to avoid being scammed or risking your details

Your privacy

The Lenders List will never take any of your personal details or financial details as we are not a lender we are a site that lists direct lenders so be assured your details will not be at risk by using our site as we completely free to use

Our Direct payday loans

New Payday Loan Lenders

The Lenders List compares a variety of new payday loan direct lenders and old payday loan lenders. New payday loan lenders are popular because customers like to see which new lenders are on the market. We list some of the newest lenders who offer payday loans with very competitive rates of APR and also instalment loans which are repaid over 3, 6 or 12 months. A great way to assess new payday loan lenders is by comparing their daily interest charge or cost per £100. The typical rate in the payday loan industry is 1% interest per day and then a cost of £130 for every £100 borrowed over 30 days. A payday loan lender that can offer you lower rates than this is very competitive indeed.

Short Term Loan Lenders

Short term loan lenders typically require the certain minimum criteria to be met in order for a borrower to be considered eligible. This includes a minimum age requirement, set at 18 years of age, as well as proof of employment or other income. Minimum income requirements may exist depending on the amount being requested, along with the results of any credit checks used to make a lending decision.

Short term loan lenders may offer unsecured and secured loan options depending on a variety of factors. While unsecured loans do not require any collateral, secured loans may require the borrower to pledge an asset, such as a car or home, in order to lessen the risks associated with borrower default.

Online Emergency Loans

Online emergency loans can be used when you need fast ad safe access to finance. In cases where friends and family cannot help you with emergency loans and you need quick access to funds a short-term emergency loan may be the best option for your situation. Finding an emergency online loan can be difficult especially if yu are trying to find the best rate but we understand that sometimes it is not possible to await approval from a bank or loan company. If you are able to wait, typically bank loans have lower interest rates and maybe a better option, however, if the funds you need are urgent then you can consider applying for an emergency online loan. These loans can typically be approved and deposited into your account in as little as one hour.

Quick Payday Loans

Quick payday loans are a means of accessing funds quickly, easily and securely from a direct payday or instalment lender. Many of us have found ourselves in situations where an unexpected event or emergency occurs and you find yourself needing some financial help to pay a bill or carry out necessary repairs to your car or home that cannot be put off. A quick payday loan may be an option if you require funds urgently but we strongly recommend that you only apply for quick payday loans after exploring other means.

Fee up

Typically, brokers charge a fee of up to £70 just for applying for a loan through them and yet your loan is not guaranteed. Brokers will put you in touch with lenders that you could have found yourself through search engines or The Lenders List.

The fees they charge may be mentioned in the small print on websites and comes under different names such as ‘Membership’ fees. This fee is then charged to you and all you often get back is emails recommending different possible lenders.

100% guaranteed
or accepted

Broker sites may claim that they can offer a guaranteed successful loan application. However, all responsible lenders in the high-cost short-term loan industry should not be able to credibly guarantee a loan without performing the necessary credit or affordability checks on the applicant.

Brokers often justify this claim if the customer is originally declined and their ‘lead’ is sold on enough times to other companies, they may eventually find a loan although this might incur fees and put their personal data at risk.

Our panel
of lenders

By stating that they are working with ‘a panel of lenders’ on their website they are suggesting that they are not themselves a direct lender but a broker that acts as a middleman who can put you in touch with direct lenders.

By recognising and understanding the terminology that companies adopt, you will be able to differentiate between a payday loan broker and lender with more ease.

The small

Many of us tend to ignore the small print but by having even a quick skim through the terms and conditions before completing a loan application you will be able to identify if there are any fees for applying and also whether the loan company is indeed a broker or a direct lender.

This key information can usually be found beside the tick-box at the end of a loan application or within the footer of the page in the small print. If it is not clear whether the company is a lender or a broker, it is best to contact them via phone or email to be safe rather than sorry.