Emergence Of 12 Month Payday Loans

Instalment Loans are loans that are repaid over a longer period and split into monthly payments. With some lenders, they offer payday loans repayable over 12 months but paying over a longer term means you will be paying back more interest so always look to clear your balance early as possible.

Instalment loans have become so popular because of the flexibility it provides meaning that you do not have to clear the balance on your next payday rather the repayments are split into monthly payments until the balance is cleared. This form of borrowing also means that the payments are much more manageable as it will be likely you will be paying back a low amount each month based on the number of months you have borrowed for but please remember the quicker you repay the loan the more you will save in interest fees.

Popular 12 Month Payday Loan Lenders

There are a number of direct payday loan lenders that offer 12 month payday loans and is proving to be more popular than the short term loans that they offer. Here are a few of our partners who offer instalment loans up to 12 months –

  • Satsuma Loans – Offer loans from 13 weeks to 52 weeks and new customers can apply to borrow up to £1000 for more details about this lender please go our Satsuma Individual page
  • Different Money – Offers loan of up to £2500 and can be paid back over 12 months, please be advised the 12 month option is not available on low amounts borrowed get more details by going to our Different Money individual Page


Bad Credit 12 Month Payday Loans

Bad credit 12 months payday loans are not much different to applying for a 1 month payday loan as you will more than likely be credit checked as well as other checks will be made against you. All is not lost majority of lenders look at each application individual and not letting a computer decide all the time. Payday loan lenders will now analyse your income and conduct further affordability checks to see whether a loan over a longer period is more manageable as the repayments tend to be lower each month but will cost you extra for borrowing over a longer term. Lenders have a responsibility that must be maintained so even if you are applying for a bad credit 12 month loan they will not let their standards drop as they have to have your best interests at heart.

12 Month Payday Loans No Broker

When looking for a 12 month payday loan we always advise applying with a direct lender and not through broker forms. The Lenders List was created to give customers the ability to see who the direct lenders are while cutting out broker sites with forms. By applying for a 12 month loan through broker sites, all you will be doing is having your details passed on to a direct lender or to another broker. Brokers will send your details to multiple companies and you have no idea where these details are being sent and this will increase spam emails and texts.

There are some 12 month payday loan brokers that are not legally allowed to trade and may be trying to defraud you just to get access to bank and cards details running the risk of fraudulent activity. Some brokers will also charge a fee for using their service just to match you with a lender and we believe no one should ever be charged anything till a loan has been approved and funded. Using The Lenders List means that you will only see direct lenders who have funds to lend if approved, we cut out brokers so customers do not waste their time and risk details being passed on from one company to another.

Please be advised any marketing that our partners do are through their own sites and not through The Lenders List as we act as a directory and we take no details of our visitors

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