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Welcome To The Lenders List is an online directory of Direct Payday Loan Lenders. The Lenders List was set up to help customers find the best lenders when looking for a payday loan of up to £1,500. We have very carefully selected the lenders that we work with to ensure that they are registered companies in the UK, have a valid consumer credit license and treat customers fairly.

We have over 30 payday direct lenders on our list for you to choose from. Each lender has a dedicated page on our site explaining the types of loans that they offer and the checks that they run. Every month, we will show a new list of 8 featured lenders which we select ourselves. This gives our users a variety of lenders to choose from and we base these selections on the lender’s reputation and commitment to responsible lending. The reason that we choose to work with direct lenders is so that customers will not be charged broker fees and have money taken out of their account for applying.

Like you, we’ve read in the press about how borrowers may be overpaying for their payday loans which is why it is important to see what other lenders are out there. Payday loan lenders have different rates and by simply choosing some lenders over others, borrowers may be able to save hundreds of pounds a year and we are thrilled to offer a service that can help people save money.

The Lenders List acts as an online directory, simply listing the loan companies that we have partnered with. After clicking on the direct payday lender of your choice, you will be taken directly to their site where you can apply and receive funds on the same day provided you are successful.

By applying through The Lenders List we will not share your details with anyone else and most importantly, we will not take any fees from your account. Our website is on a secure server meaning that it starts with https:// rather then http:// giving our users that little bit extra protection from external sources. To sum up, The Lenders List offers a free, secure and useful list of payday loan direct lenders.

The Lenders List is a comparison directory site listing direct short term loan lenders, payday loans and instalment loans. The site was created for customers looking for best UK payday loan lenders and instalment lenders that will suit their needs.

We are partnered with some of best and popular UK loans lenders who have agreed to be listed with us. We only work with direct lenders and no brokers, we have no forms to fill in on our site so we will never take your details and all details are entered on the loan lenders site.

Customers looking for online payday loans or online instalment loans should use our site as a guide to what lenders may offer and the criteria you need to meet before you qualify to apply. You can use our search tool on the homepage to get an idea of what loan amount and length you are looking for and how much would need to be repaid. The results will display in lowest to highest based on final repayment. Our site is absolutely free and will never charge you to use our service.

When choosing a loan please ensure you read the minimum requirement before you apply, without meeting these requirements your application may be rejected instantly.

Each of our partnered lender will have their very own page specifying the kind of loans which they provide and their company statement. We deliberately operate only with direct providers in order we can guarantee they will not charge any brokerage fees or fees for applications for loans.

You should only apply for a payday loan or instalment loan for immediate emergencies, only borrow what you need and nothing more and always try to pay back as soon as possible. Determine if you can afford to pay the loan back on your next payday, if not, then maybe a instalment loan may be better so you can spread the repayment over a few month, but be aware you will probably have to repay more on your loan.

Our customers turn to payday loan sites when they need assistance and the last thing they need is to be charged for these services or have their personal details shared without consent. For this reason, The Lenders List has compiled a brief list of things to look out for when applying for a short-term loan; although every lender is different, there are some shared traits to look out for.

FEE UP FRONT – Typically, brokers charge a fee of up to £70 just for applying for a loan through them and yet your loan is not guaranteed. Brokers will put you in touch with lenders that you could have found yourself through search engines or The Lenders List. The fees they charge may be mentioned in the small print on websites and comes under different names such as ‘Membership’ fees. This fee is then charged to you and all you often get back is emails recommending different possible lenders.

the borrower. One way they may be able to offer such a service is by selling leads several to guarantee such a thing without carrying out the necessary credit and affordability checks on guaranteed to be successful. Realistically, no lender in the short-term loan market should be able  – Some brokers advertise loans applications that are 100% GUARANTEED OR ACCEPTEDtimes but it is key to remember that a lead is a person and this means selling on their details and putting them and their information at risk.

OUR PANELS OF LENDERS – By stating that they are working with ‘a panel of lenders’ on their website they are suggesting that they are not themselves a direct lender but a broker that acts as a middleman who can put you in touch with direct lenders. By recognising and understanding the terminology that companies adopt, you will be able to differentiate between a payday loan

broker and lender with more ease.

THE SMALL PRINT – Many of us tend to ignore the small print but by having even a quick skim through the terms and conditions before completing a loan application you will be able to identify if there are any fees for applying and also whether the loan company is indeed a broker or a direct lender. This key information can usually be found beside the tick-box at the end of a loan application or within the footer of the page in the small print. If it is not clear whether the company is a lender or a broker, it is best to contact them via phone or email to be safe rather than sorry.

Another motive for choosing to utilise such direct lenders is the companies you apply to will give the money themselves rather than passing your personal details onto a range of brokers that could put you in danger to fraudsters and unwanted spam. Therefore, if you’re asking for a small payday loan or more term fund, we would like to make sure you’re protected.

We are sure that like us, you’ve read the headlines about borrowers overpaying for short-term and payday loans that’s why we believe that compiling a comprehensive list of lenders with information will be beneficial to you.

Together with the bad press and also scepticism surrounding payday loans as well as the principle changes brought in by the FCA, it is important to understand your many choices when considering borrowing as well as understanding the rates you would be paying. Most direct payday loan lenders will have different interest rates on borrowing so taking the time to compare companies will be able to help you to spend less.