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Online Emergency Loans


Online emergency loans can be used when you need fast ad safe access to finance. In cases where friends and family cannot help you with emergency loans and you need quick access to funds a short-term emergency loan may be the best option for your situation. Finding an emergency online loan can be difficult especially if yu are trying to find the best rate but we understand that sometimes it is not possible to await approval from a bank or loan company. If you are able to wait, typically bank loans have lower interest rates and maybe a better option, however, if the funds you need are urgent then you can consider applying for an emergency online loan. These loans can typically be approved and deposited into your account in as little as one hour.

Getting An Emergency Loan Through Online Lenders

Many companies offer quick loan access via emergency online loans and it can be tough to know what to pick so here are some tips:

  • Be sure that you are not applying to a broker but instead a direct lender of emergency online loans. A direct lender is a company that can directly approve loans and deposit funds whereas a brokers are companies that take your details to pass on to numerous other companies which are not considered a safe practice as you don’t know how many checks are being done on your name and your details are at risk of spam and fraud.
  • Check the interest rates being offered by various companies; lower rates mean you can make repayments on your online emergency loan with more ease. Most payday and instalment lenders include calculation tools on their websites so you can quickly and easily see how much your repayments would be compared to your loan amount. Avoid applying for a larger loan than you need as this will add to your repayments and interest which are already inflated for emergency online loans.
  • Make sure that the lenders you apply to are registered to lend funds as this means they will comply with FCA lending rules. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who regulate this market require lenders to conduct credit and affordability checks to make the final decision on your application. Registered lenders will typically display their FCA licence in their website footer or in their ‘About Us’ page. If a company is regulated by the FCA they will be visible on the FCA guide- click here to use our guide. By using the guide and entering in the FCA number on the FCA register you can see if they have a license to lend or if they are a broker and if they do not have an FCA number at all we strongly recommend you avoid that particular site.
  • Do not take an emergency online loan that you cannot afford. Financial problems can easily spiral out of control; if you are struggling to repay your loans or keep up with your finances please contact the lender beforehand to explain your situation so they can help you as effectively as possible. You can also contact the Money Advice Service who can help with queries you have and help you to get back on track.

Same Day Emergency Online Loans

Same day emergency loans are available in cases where you need to access a loan in a limited time for unexpected or emergency situations. No matter what your financial situation, these emergencies can affect anyone such as emergency car repairs or unexpected household expenses.

Most payday loan lenders, as well as instalment loan lenders, can provide a same day emergency loan online. Some lenders even have 24/7 service so you can apply and get approval at any time during the day or night to get funds within an hour. Many lenders now even review applications over the weekend due to increased demand for the service but beware that not all providers offer this service. Typically if you apply for a loan in the morning of a working day you should receive the funds by the end of that same day. If you apply later it may be the case that the funds will arrive in your account the following working day.

Using The Lenders List To Find Emergency Online Loans

Using The Lenders List means that searching for a direct payday or instalment lender is simple and easy. All our lenders listed have been checked and verified that they are UK based companies with and FCA number meaning they are legally allowed to lend funds to customers. The lenders listed are  all direct lenders and not brokers but from time to time use your details for marketing but always read the terms and condition on the lenders sites before you agree to anything.

Avoiding Brokers Sites Asking For Details For An Emergency Loan

We believe it is always best to apply for online loans directly from lenders rather than going through broker sites who cannot guarantee you loan approval. If you come across a site that advertises that they do not carry out credit checks then this is likely to be a broker which is trying to entice you to submit an application. All direct lenders carry out credit checks and affordability checks to protect customers from falling into debt in line with FCA guidelines.

We also firmly believe that you should never pay up-front fees when looking for an emergency loan online. If brokers or lenders are asking for a fee please avoid applying to these companies. Looking for a loan should always be free until you are approved and The Lenders List never charge a fee for use of our service. The only time a fee should be charged is when you have a fully approved loan that has been transferred to your bank account under pre-agreed terms.