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Sky Quid Payday Loans

Credit Amount:
£100 - £1000
Available Term:
7 Days To 6 Months

Company overview

At Sky Quid Payday Loans we have developed a system to loan funds based on your credit score. We evaluate all credit risks and if we are happy with the risk assessment and affordability checks we can offer you a credit limit but the amount will vary based on the credit risk. We are proud to be able to offer our loans on weekends and holidays if you encounter a sticky situation.

Applying for a loan through Sky Quid Payday Loans, we analyse your credit worthiness and risk and can offer you a credit limit of up to £500 for first time customers dependant on your credit score. How the credit limit works is you can log in to your account and choose to borrow only £100 for 15 days and choose a repayment date listed, this means that you have a credit limit of £400 left and you have 90 days to use your balance should you need it for that unexpected bill.

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£50 £2,000
1 month 12 months

Credit Review

Sky Quid Payday Loans are lender of small short term loans and you have the ability to borrow for up to 6 months but we always recommend paying back as soon as possible. Sky Quid offer a slightly different loan method to other lenders, they offer you a credit limit meaning you can have a credit limit of £400 but you don’t have to take the whole £400 you can just choose to use £100 and leave the rest. If you need to borrow the remaining amount you can do so as you have 90 days to use the credit limit made available to you.

Sky Quid offer a customer service through email and phone and are regulated by the FCA. They will always conduct credit and affordability checks to check your suitability for their loan products. If you are approved they can fund the same day this includes weekends and bank holidays.


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