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H&T Personal Loans

Credit Amount:
£50 to £1000
Available Term:
1 Month to 2 Years

Company overview

H&T Personal Loans provides personal loans to those who need funds to handle small shortfalls and other financial emergencies. The loans are not traditional payday loans, as the payments are spread out across a number of instalments, and does not require a lump sum payment to cover all of the principal at once.

Approved borrowers will receive an interest rate based on their specific qualifications. This can include factors such as the amount being borrowed, the time period the funds will be borrowed, and the results of the credit check. Applications can be submitted in-store as well as online, though those who apply in-store may be offered a more favourable interest rate.

Online customers will have access to their account online, allowing you to check your balance, make additional payments, or otherwise manage the account from any internet-enabled device. Alternatively, the Loan Centre can be contacted by phone for information regarding your account, or to take a payment. Additional support can be obtained in-person by visiting a store location, through the post, or by email.

H&T Personal Loans also offers additional services. This can include business loans supported by assets, as well as pawn loans. Some items commonly used to support these loans include electronics, jewellery and luxury watches, and designer goods. Once the borrowed funds are returned, the item backing the loan will be returned. These loans are traditionally expected to be repaid within six months, and there are no penalties for early repayment. All goods surrendered to back a loan are held in a secure location.

REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE: Total amount of credit: £300 for 6 months. Total amount payable: £554.58 in six instalments of £92.43. Total charge for credit: £254.58 (Interest Only). Interest rate 169.7% pa (fixed) Representative 883.6% APR

Credit calculator

£50 £2,000
1 month 12 months

Credit Review

In order to apply for a personal loan from H&T Finance, the potential borrower must be a minimum of 18 years of age and be a resident of the United Kingdom. Additionally, a stable income of £750, minimum, is required, as well as a bank account that accepts Direct Debits, for payment processing and Faster Payments, for quicker receipt of the funds associated with your loan.

All borrowers must pass certain standards during the credit check, as well as affordability checks. This helps ensure the borrower can be reasonably expected to repay the loan based on their current situation.

The timing of the repayments will be based on your individual pay dates. For example, those who are paid on the last day of every month will make a payment on that day, every month. If you are paid weekly, such as on every Friday, you will make a payment every Friday. The specific amount of the payment will be adjusted based on the number of pay dates you have during a month.

For those who wish to repay their loan more quickly, and potentially save on interest charges over the course of the loan, additional payments can be made in order to supplement the regular repayment process.

Minimum requirements

  • You must be a UK resident aged over 18
  • You must have an income of at least £750 per month
  • You must have a bank account that accepts direct debits and faster payment

Company Pros...

  • Apply 24 hours a day
  • No hidden fees

Watch out for...

  • Minimum income of £750
  • Have a bank account and debit card

Company Details

Harvey & Thompson Ltd,
Times House, Throwley Way,
Sutton, Surrey,

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H&T Personal Loans
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