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Cash Float Payday

Credit Amount:
£100 - £1000
Available Term:
1 day to 35 days

Company overview

We are a London based, solely online, direct payday lender, specialising in online payday loans.  Our loans range from between £100 to £1000. First time customers will only be eligible to apply for a maximum loan of £500 and are taken out from the date of application and expected to be repaid in full upon you next getting paid. A payday loan is designed to cover you until payday and should never be considered for long-term borrowing. If you cannot afford to repay the amount in full once you get paid, or will leave yourself short at the end of the next month – payday loans are not for you as they can be extremely expensive.  The only way to apply is via our website. The application takes no more than a few minutes to complete and if approved the funds will be transferred to your bank account.

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£50 £2,000
1 month 12 months

Credit Review

Cash Float Payday are a direct payday loan lender based in London who offer loans of up to £500 for new customers and if you keep a good repayment record existing customers can borrow up to a £1000. If customers are approved Cash Float could have the funds in your account the same day however Cash Float do charge £5 for this service.

Cash Float Payday applications need to be completed online and loans need to be paid back within a 35 day period which should be a sufficient amount of time till your next payday to repay.

Customers don’t always need the best credit history as Cash Float will analyse all applications individually against their affordability checks to see your ability to repay. There are no hidden charges all fees are clear to see on the site when applying and the usability of the site is very simple but if you face difficulty Cash Float have a customer service team available.

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